In line with the Government's stated roadmap out of lockdown, outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts will be allowed to reopen from 29th March 2021. Please do not enter the premises before this date without the express permission of the Club Chair or Honorary Secretary (see Contacts). Your cooperation is much appreciated. 


It must be about 25 years ago now that a friend and I found ourselves cycling around the Bowdon, Hale and Hale Barns area one hot and sticky Sunday afternoon. We were on a mission to explore all the tennis clubs in the vicinity with the intention of joining one before heading off for a well-earned pint.

We visited a number of very grand, even opulent establishments and, as the hot afternoon wore on, it is fair to say that we were looking more and more dishevelled.  At the various clubs we visited, we were looked up and down and subsequently met with little enthusiasm or interest! “There’s always cricket!”my friend joked (and, indeed, he did go on to bowl for the first eleven at Bowdon Cricket Club but I digress). “Right” I said “let’s try Hale Barns Tennis Club before we try the Bull’s Head!”

We cycled into the carpark and approached the clubhouse to be greeted with a friendly "Can I help you?".  Upon expressing our interest in possibly becoming members, there was a warm smile and the offer of a cup of tea! My friend and I gladly accepted,  exchanging glances in the shared decision to make this our little Wimbledon, our Roland-Garros, our club for years to come.

Indeed it has proved so and, I can honestly say, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing my tennis at Hale Barns. It flatters not to deceive - there is no bar or grand social club but it embraces you with its warmth and friendship and offers superb tennis courts. Very accessible, easy to join and with an excellent coach, HBTC is also ideal for families. Whether it's regular team tennis you're after or just a friendly knockabout and a cup of tea, you'd do well to swing by The Pavilion at Chapel Lane.

Peter T, Member of HBTC